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19.08.15 13:16

Workshop "Central Gating of Tinnitus and Chronic Pain: The Role of Cortico-Limbic Networks"

Mo, September 7-8, 2015 – 9:00-17:00 Tue, September 8, 2015 – 9:00-15:30

05.08.15 10:36

Open Positions at Beth Israel Deaconess Center, HMS

Open Semester and Master Projects at the Beth Israel Deaconess Center / Harvard Medical School.

24.07.15 09:11

Financing and Funding your PhD.

Are you looking for ways to finance your PhD in Germany? Research in Germany provides you with...


August 2015


Welcome to the Graduate School of Information Science in Health!


Medicine and the whole field of health care are currently undergoing substantial changes. Advances in molecular life science, biomedical sciences and engineering have significantly influenced diagnostic and therapeutic options. But also demographic and socio-cultural changes, together with increasing costs of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, have put our health systems under severe pressures.

In this transition process, a key role has emerged for information sciences in health. Information sciences as well as engineering have become part of the whole health sector providing scientific methodology, key applications and the pioneering of new services. For instance digital data has become a core element of

  • Basic and applied research - from molecular life sciences by way of biomedical engineering to clinical and population based studies
  • Medical care and public health - for personalized medicine, targeted therapy and prevention
  • Organization and communication - for efficient and seamless care

We believe that further progress in health requires the input of both biosciences and information sciences / engineering. These fields, which have traditionally been separate, need to cooperate much more closely and exchange data and knowledge: multidisciplinarity has become essential. Therefore, it is necessary to build an information logistic chain from bench to bedside to population and back!

Within our Graduate School we aim to define a new approach and overall concept for education and research in health by emphasizing these needs. We aim to educate a new breed of researchers which we train in both the disciplines of information sciences / engineering sciences and medicine. Please feel free to learn more about our research and our programs on the following pages. You will also find open PhD positions posted on this site. We are looking forward to hearing from you and are eager to provide you with further information!